The group started its facilities with an annual capacity of 100 TPA and now has crossed more than 9000 TPA. This achievement was possible only by our experience of earlier stages for the later stages.

Dealing with the government departments directly or indirectly made us very competent in the market. Our experience can be shown by our milestones.

1984       –              Setting up a foundry in the existing RCC pipe plant.

1986       –              Foundry capacity attains production by 30 %.

1989       –              Foundry spins out RCC pipe plant and production reaches its 70 % capacity.

1992       –              Plant increases capacity by 50 %

1995       –              Plant reached maximum production capacity. No financial aids were implemented during the                                    process.

1999       –              Expands facilities by installing a new plant in Nacharam.

2001       –              Starts producing earth pipes along with water quality pipes.

2002       –              Nacharam Plant reaches maximum production capacity.

2006       –              City plant shuts down, due to pollution.

2006       –              Nacharam plant is expanded twice over.

2007       –              Another plant is set up to meet the requirements of the market.

2010       –              Setup of the centrifugally cast spun pipes plant in Nacharam.

2011       –              Starts manufacturing of C.I Pulleys for general market.